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The Board of Directors Message

The existence of the earth and survival of mankind is hinged on our stewardship.  This skill does not materialize through aspirations but is through a deliberate purposeful act.  Daystar Montessori & Froebel School (Daystar) aspiration is to develop children with a leadership mindset creating a difference wherever they find themselves. 

Daystar seeks to achieve this by providing an environment that nurtures and brings out their potential, Maria Montessori in her book the Absorbent Mind states “The Child is endowed with an unknown power and this unknown power guides us towards a more luminous future”.

We shall ensure that we abide by all the regulations and laws relating to the governing of schools and strive to achieve the best practices in all areas of our operations.

Daystar will work with all its stakeholders to ensure that our practices are environmental and culture sensitive.  We encourage feedback which will make us better serve our customers.


  1. Respect – Care about and support each other. (Mutual support)
  2. Professionalism – endeavour to do our best and be professional in what we do.
  3. Excellence – value and actively pursue excellence.
  4. Honesty – behave honestly and ethnically
  5. Safety – accept that rules are necessary for the safety of every one
  6. Responsibility – develop a sense of responsibility: integrity, discipline and commitment.


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P.O Box ML 586, Accra

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Sector 5, Millennium City
GPS Address: CG-1661-8561